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100 days of Govt: 37 works and achievements

Staff Reporter Apr 03, 2023

Kathmandu : The secretariat of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has made public main works and achievements of the government on the eve of the 100 days of the government.

PM Prachanda had on 26 December, 2022 assumed his office after being appointed to the post a day before, and tomorrow, on April 4, 2023, the government steps in the 100-day period popularly known as honeymoon period.

PM Prachanda had to take vote of confidence from the House of Representatives (HoR) twice in this period as the coalition partners changed. He secured the confidence vote once on January 10, 2023 when the CPN (UML) was also on board the government and then he had got over 99 per cent votes of the HoR members. PM Prachanda had to seek confidence vote again on 20 March 2023 for the UML deserted the government, and the PM did secure the confidence vote as the Nepali Congress came aboard the government.

These political events, among others, constitute the background of the bumpy road that the government came through, which have also made imprint in the success of the government.

The major works and achievements of the government in this period have been listed in 37-points in the statement issued by the PM’s secretariat.

Synopsis of the works and achievements:

According to the statement, a unified work plan for governance reform, economic and infrastructure improvement, social development and effective service delivery has been prepared. And it has taken to implementation and there are some encouraging results. The work plan includes issues such as control in revenue leakage, cut in current expenses, enhancement to entrepreneurship, solution to problems of landlessness, Make in Nepal, peace process and transitional justice, mobilizing state apparatus for the welfare of the people.

Issues pertinent to accelerating development pace in the country and sailing the economy through the stormy situation have been identified and put into practice.

Steps have been taken to settle the problems that surfaced with regard to micro finances and the micro finances are to return to the clients the extra service charge they levied amounting in total to Rs. 1 billion 600 million. Provision has been made that the microfinance cannot charge more than 1.5% service charge annually and that a person can take loan from only one micro finance.

There has been progress in balance of sheet, current account and remittance inflow following the Prime Minister’s step from reform including the high level joint meeting with private sector, microfinance, bankers and Nepal Rastra Bank.

Special steps have been taken to time and effective implementation of the annual budget and make the government expenditure transparent.

According to the list of works, development of self-reliant economy has been focused and necessary initiatives have been taken to effectively mobilise revenue and curb the leakage, be economic in government expenses, while efforts have been taken to address the problems seen in share market.

Foreign visits of the government ministers and officials have been curbed unless the visit is very essential.

Arrangement has been made for easy delivery of passports, national identity card, driving license, no objection letter. Distribution of national identity card has been started from 14 district and 15 stations and so far 11.5 million citizens have got it while the printing of the card has been doubled in number. Online registration of individual incident has started from 6,665 wards of local level across the country.

Hello Sarkar has been made additionally effective.

Name list of 8,471 martyrs declared from the Cabinet on different dates has been published in national gazette and efforts have been made to minimize public hassles during the VVIP visits.

Initiatives have been taken to solve the problems of the victims of the loan sharks, according to the statement that listed the government works.

Field inspection and monitoring of infrastructure projects has been sped up to end problems related to delay in project completion. The contractors failing to complete projects in time have been blacklisted.

Efforts have been made to promote Nepal’s tourism in international market while infrastructure building for tourism has also been taken forward, including the inauguration of the Pokhara airport and foundation stone laying of the terminal buildings of Bharatpur, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj airports.

Market monitoring has been intensified to safeguard consumers’ rights and ensure smooth supply of goods and services.

To further attract FDI, limit of minimum limit of FDI amount has been reviewed and it has been reduced to Rs. 20 million. Facilitating provisions are underway for the startups.

Issues to improve for making business environment has been identified through an interaction between the government and development partners.

Arrangement has been made so that people seeking foreign employment get labour permit easily and in time, while efforts tare made to make foreign employment dignified, safe by means of agreements, dialogues with the destination countries.

Family members of 283 people who died in course of foreign employment have been provided with financial assistance amounting to Rs.19.8 million while scholarship has been provided to the children of those who lost lives during foreign employment. 98 people stranded abroad have been rescued in this period.

Over 100 citizens who were working abroad but had lost jobs or were in prisons for different reasons were rescued and brought home during the period.

To address the farmers’ demands, milk price has been increased, and floor price of wheat and sugarcane has been fixed in time.

Arrangement has been made so that school students get textbooks when the classes start or at the time of the beginning of the academic year.