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Govt’s priorities and CMP unveiled : Production oriented economy, one of nine priorities

Staff Reporter Apr 06, 2023

Kathmandu : The government has unveiled its priorities and common minimum programme.

Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma read out the document amidst a programme in Singh Durbar.

The 9-point priorities include issues related to consolidating of federal republic polity, transformation of economy, ending discrimination of all forms, stringent action against corruption, implementing remaining works related to peace process and building a production-oriented economy.

The government has also aimed at reducing governance cost and making public administration efficient, minimizing climate change risks and adopting an independent and balanced foreign policy for people’s prosperity and national interest.

The policies and programmes to translate the priorities into action include getting different Acts such as citizenship Act, federal civil service Act endorsed from parliament. Hand over different agencies under different ministries to the provinces as enshrined in the constitution and strengthen the provincial and local levels by doing necessary works.

As per the programme, the government will strive to get citizenship Act endorsed within six months and effectively implement proportional inclusive system.

A high level administration restructuring commission will also be formed to make federal structure competent, efficient and economic.

Election related laws to be update to ensure voting rights of Nepali citizens staying abroad.

Necessary budget to be allocated for the upliftment and development of endangered and marginalized regions and communities such as Dalit.

Priority will be given for development of agriculture, water resources and tourism so as to develop national economy. Branding of Nepal’s indigenous products will be carried out for their development and expansion.

Acts related to economic sector such as the Act related to infrastructure projects of national importance and public procurement Act will be presented and got endorsed from parliament within three months.

Special Economic Zone will be established in each province for accelerating economic development.

Advertisement made through social media will be brought under tax system. Tax system will be made progressive and business friendly.

Grant on agriculture to be arranged and a chemical fertilizer production company will be established.

Emphasis will be laid on reservoir based hydel projects.

Special programme to be launched for developing green tourism.

Industrialization will be emphasized to transform remittance reliant economy into production based economy.

Landless citizens will be provided land as per the recommendation of the local levels and scientific land reform to be carried out.

Hike in interest rate will be controlled and spread rate will be reduced.

Management of the public corporations will be reformed so as to make them commercial, competitive and effective.

Basic health services will be provided free of cost.

Community education to be made effective and efforts will be made ensure parents of students of the private schools do not bear heavy burden of fee.

Remaining works related to peace process and transitional justice will be completed within next two years.