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Nepal Eco Panel: The Lightweight and Earthquake-Resistant Partition Material for Commercial Buildings

Staff Reporter Apr 06, 2023

Kathmandu : Nepal Eco Panel, an innovative construction material, is rapidly gaining popularity in commercial building projects. This alternative material is made up of a 4.5cm thick cement board on both sides, with a mixture of sand, cement, and expanded polystyrene serving as the inner core.

One of the major benefits of Nepal Eco Panel is its lightweight nature, making it a quick and easy material to work with during construction. Additionally, it is earthquake-resistant, providing enhanced safety for building occupants in seismic zones.

This partition material is an excellent option for commercial building projects that require quick and efficient construction without compromising on durability and strength. Nepal Eco Panel’s eco-friendly nature is also a plus point, as it is made from sustainable materials that do not harm the environment.

In conclusion, Nepal Eco Panel is a reliable and efficient construction material for partition walls in commercial buildings. Its lightweight and earthquake-resistant properties make it a wise investment for builders, while its sustainability credentials will appeal to environmentally conscious clients