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Three Economic advisers appointed to Ministry of Finance

Staff Reporter Apr 20, 2023

Kathmandu : The government has appointed three expert advisers to the Ministry of Finance as special economic advisers. Nepal Rashtra Bank Executive Director and Spokesperson Dr. Gunakar Bhatta, Economist Dr. Bishwa Paudel, and Dr.Poshraj Pandey have been appointed as economic advisers.

The government has appointed both Dr. Paudel and Dr. Pandey as unpaid advisers, while Dr. Bhatta, who is also the spokesperson of Nepal Rashtra Bank, has been appointed as an adviser by the ministry.

However, Paudel and Pandey, who were appointed as special economic advisers to the government along with Dr. Bhatta, will have the same position as that of state ministers, according to the information Prakash Thapa, press adviser to the finance minister, gave Ratopati.

The role of the newly appointed economic advisers will be to guide the government in the improvement of the economy and to assist in budget preparation.

Paudel is the former Vice-Chairman of the National Planning Commission, while Pandey is a former member and Bhatta is the Executive Director of Nepal Rastra Bank.