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We are for reviving NCP unity: PM Prachanda

Staff Reporter Apr 23, 2023

Kathmandu : Prime Minister and CPN (Maoist Center) Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has argued for unification among communist parties and reviving the erstwhile Nepal Communist Party (NCP).

He said a socialist front will formed within a few days and an appeal will be made to revive the NCP, a party that was formed unifying the CPN (Maoist Center) and the CPN (UML).

PM Prachanda held that aspirations of the Nepali people and the nation can be addressed by reviving the NCP which was liked by thousands of people and party activists.

He said so while speaking at a programme organized on the occasion of founding day of the NCP.

PM Prachanda, also the Maoist Center Chairman, viewed that the unification between the CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Center) could not sustain due to whims of some leaders and maintained that the revival of the NCP is necessary for the sake of the country.

He pointed at the need to discussion without prejudice for reviving the NCP.

“The responsibility and necessity to unify the communist or leftist movement has not been complete. We need to continue bringing together all the communist on the basis of appropriate thought and policy. We are in the same process. Those who are not for unity among communist, democratic centralism, they are not for unity among communist even at present. We are for unity among communist parties as per the need of the people and the nation. We are holding discussions with leaders including comrade Madhav Kumar Nepal. We have been reiterating to revive NCP. On this historical day of the founding of the NCP, I repeat and stress the need to revive the NCP for the sake of the people and the country. Let’s conduct an objective review, a review without preconceived notion and biasness, and on the basis of thought. Let’s conduct self-review. The unity of the NCP, although met an accident, was approved by thousands of people and the party cadres. That unity was proposed by us, and therefore we want to revive that unity. We need to see necessity and aspirations of the people and the country,” said the PM.

PM Prachanda made it a point that efforts were being made to create anarchy in the country from outside the thought and value-based politics and the communist unity was needed to avert even such chaos-seeking political attitudes.