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Kalanamak rice to be gifted to the Prime Minister of Cambodia

Staff Reporter Apr 29, 2023

Lumbini :  The Kalanmak variety of rice, believed to have been grown since the Buddhist era, is going to be taken from Lumbini to Cambodia as a gift.     

On the occasion of the 2567th Buddha Jayanti, Vice President of Lumbini Development Fund Bhikshu Metteyya (Abhadhesh Kumar Tripathi) is going to present Kalanamak rice to the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen.     

Bhikshu Metteyya said that local variety of Kalanamak rice from Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, will be given as a gift as requested by the Prime Minister of Cambodia during the international Buddha Jayanti ceremony to be held in Cambodia on May 2.     

Meanwhile, Chandra Prakash Pathak from Lumbini Agro Tourism and Research Center presented the Kalanamak rice to Bhikshu Metteyya on Friday. The center has been cultivating and marketing Kalanamak rice since the past four years.     

It is mentioned in history books that Paddy festival was celebrated in Tilaurakot on Asar Poornima by planting the Kalanamak variety of rice. Bhikshu Metteyya also said that the Prime Minister of Cambodia has requested to conserve this variety of rice citing its importance during the Buddhist era.     

This variety of rice is high in potassium, protein, fiber, vitamin B, iron and antioxidants. The Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) has also developed an advanced variety of the rice and named it Suddhodana Kalanamak. (RSS)