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It’s serious matter to traffic citizens by misusing state power: NHRC

Jitendra Shah May 17, 2023

Kathmandu : The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has said that it is a serious matter to render citizens stateless by misusing state power by those meant for serving the nation.

“Trafficking in people in the guise of fake refugees by misusing state power is not only a matter of serious corrupt behavior but also a serious crime of human trafficking and fraud,” said the Commission.  

Speaking at the press conference organized in the capital on Wednesday, Top Bahadur Magar, the chairperson of the NHRC, said that corruption does not only affect public accountability and transparency but also affects economic, social and cultural rights, health, education, housing, food and water, and the livelihood of citizens.”

He further said that due to corruption, the state failed to ensure the protection of Dalits, women, tribal groups and physically challenged people.

He requested to adopt a policy of zero tolerance in the case of corruption and bring those involved to justice through an independent, fair and impartial investigation.

Chairman Magar said that the amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code, 2074 has increased the possibility of withdrawing the case by giving political cover to the incidents that occurred during the conflict.

The commission has requested the government not to amend any law that would have an adverse effect on the issue of transitional justice and not to withdraw the case.