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Deadline to lay claims over; Karki likely to become Koshi CM

Staff Reporter Oct 13, 2023

Biratnagar : The deadline given by the Province Chief, Parshuram Khapung, for the formation of the government of the Koshi Province has expired. Province Chief had set the 5 pm Friday deadline to submit claims for the Chief Minister.

Maoist Parliamentary Party leader Indra Angbo and Nepali Congress MP Kedar Karki have claimed for the post stating that they have the majority.

But in the claim laid by Angbo, he has mentioned 29 MPs (including Karki) from Nepali Congress and 13 from Maoist Center.

But since Karki himself has claimed for the Chief Minister, the chance of Angbo garnering majority is slim. Karki has the support of 39 UML and 8 Nepali Congress MPs.

Since the clear majority is in favor of Karki, it is more likely that Karki will be appointed as the Chief Minister of the Province.