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Karki appointed Chief Minister of Koshi Province

Staff Reporter Oct 14, 2023

Biratnagar : Kedar Karki of Nepali Congress has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Koshi Province. He was appointed as the Chief Minister after the signatures of 47 members of the Provincial Assembly, who supported his claim for the post, were verified this morning.

Karki has the support of 39 members of the CPN (UML) and eight members of his party. Following the verification, the Province Chief Parshuram Khapung appointed Karki as the Chief Minister of Koshi.

Karki was appointed to the post of Chief Minister in accordance with Article 168 of the Constitution. The swearing-in ceremony of Chief Minister Karki will take place on Sunday, according to the Secretariat of the Province Chief.

Earlier, the signatures of 39 Provincial Assembly members of CPN (UML) and eight of Congress were verified in presence of Province Chief Khapung.

CPN (Maoist Center) parliamentary party leader Indra Bahadur Angbo had also submitted a similar claim with the signatures of 47 members. However, leader Angbo was not present this morning for verification of the signatures.