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NRN citizenship instrumental to bring NRNs closer to nation: President Paudel

RSS Oct 17, 2023

Kathmandu : President Ramchandra Paudel has said the provision ensuring the citizenship to the Non- Resident Nepalis would help bring them closer to Nepal.     

While inaugurating the Global Conference and 11th International General Convention of Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) here today, the Head-of-the-State said the provision of issuing the NRN citizenship with economic, social and cultural rights has addressed the demands of them.     

“The government has made various policy-level and legal provisions for NRNS. I believe the provision of the NRN citizenship ensure as per the Constitution would help bring you all closer to Nepal,” the President said.     

Stating that the NRN community in various nations has contributed for long to the development and Nepal and uniting the Nepali, he hoped that the contribution would be over the holistic development of the nation in the days to come.     

“Any Nepal is always a Nepali no matter where the person resides,” he said, adding that the expression and gesture of the NRNs have proved that they wished to see a peaceful, prosperous Nepal.”     

 According to the President, although the nation has entered the economic development in the aftermath of political changes, some challenges have surfaced due to the prolonged transition.     

 “We carried out restricting of the administration sector of the State, the State’s character is yet to be restructured,” the President said. “The federal democratic republic is founded on specific norms, values, principles and ideologies. Until and unless such characteristics are assimilated by us, we are unable to face challenges towards its implementation.”     

Citing that Nepal is a rich nation in natural and cultural heritage and its ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and biological diversities are unique in the entire world, the Head of the State was of the opinion of promoting such specialties and promoting the welfare of the people. “It is the responsibility of all to promote the special identities of Nepal and Nepalis are further promoted globally.”     

He urged the NRNs to remain aware that there is a possibility of forgetting the language and culture of Nepal by the children of NRNs in course of living outside the country.     

“I request NRNs to bring their new generation to Nepal time and again to increase their attachment towards Nepal and to maintain closeness with the society and to familiarize them with culture, social environment and geography of Nepal”, President Paudel mentioned.     

Stating that protecting the bio diversity of the country was the main challenge of the hour, the President further said the issue how the NRNs can contribute in these sectors has become the matter of my concern.     

President Paudel drew attention of NRNA to develop Chundi Ramgha, the birthplace of Adikavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, as the literary pilgrimage and the centre of sentiment of Nepali national unity.     

He further expressed the belief that the Global Conference of NRNs, Global Knowledge Convention and Youth and Global Conference would further strengthen unity and cooperation of the NRNA as well as further expand the relations with Nepal.     

Similarly, the conference would be meaningful to further clarify and expand the NRNA’s strategic partnership towards the path of development and prosperity of Nepal, viewed the President. (RSS)