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Untimely rainfall disappoints farmers

Staff Reporter Oct 17, 2023

Kailali : The untimely rainfall has disappointed farmers in Kailali district. The rainfall occurred since Monday afternoon upset farmers as they were about to harvest rice.    
They were worried how they could harvest rice safely amidst such erratic weather event.   

A farmer from Tikapur, Nirmal BK, said the rice cut down and spread to dry in the field is wet with the ill-timed rainfall. “I waited for a tractor to collect the crop, but it did not come. The rainfall drenched the rice. The storm has further strewn it. If the rainfall continues, the crop will perish in the field,” he shared the plight. 

Similarly, another farmer Padam Oli shared that rice is ripe in the field. He did not cut the rice, worrying about storms on Monday, but the rains coupled with storm damaged ripe rice. “If the rainfall does not stop, it certainly damages the crop,” he said, wondering, “Why does rainfall occur when it is time to harvest the rice?”

Most of the farmers in Kailali district are upset much, reasoning rainfall occurs when they are ready to harvest rice. They experienced it for three years. It has resulted in loss of production.    
“In 2078BS, the floods triggered by the rainfall swept away the harvest time rice. Last year, we were able to save half of the crops due to early warning,” said Hari Chaudhary, adding,

“We have not harvested rice reasoning erratic weather. But the storm coupled with rainfall has damaged half yield this year too. The adverse weather is bane for farmers.    

Moreover another Parbati Chaudhari informed that the rice cut down and spread to dry in the field could not be saved due to sudden change in weather. Only half of the crop was saved, she added.

Meanwhile, Tikapur Municipality and Janaki Rural Municipality have suggested the farmers waiting for some days to harvest rice.