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Jajarkot Earthquake : 35 dead, 53 injured in Rukum Paschim

Staff Reporter Nov 04, 2023

Kathmandu : At least 35 people have been killed while 53 others injured in Rukum Paschim alone due to earthquake that occurred Friday midnight.

The earthquake caused a lot of human and physical damage in Jajarkot and Rukum West. So far, 37 people have died in Jajarkot and 35 in Rukum Paschim, police said.

Sarita Singh, deputy head of Nalgad Municipality of Jajarkot, also died in the earthquake. Jajarkot police chief DSP Kishore Shrestha informed that he died when the house collapsed while he was sleeping in his house at the headquarters Khalanga.

Aathbiskot Municipality and Saniveri Rural Municipality of Rukum West have been more affected by the earthquake. Houses and sheds have been destroyed by the earthquake and roads have also been blocked. A dry landslide blocked the road on the Madhyapahari public road and the work to remove it is going on. Landslides have also occurred on other auxiliary roads within the municipality.

Nama Raj Bhattarai, DSP at the District Police Office, informed with the updated records that 28 people were killed in Aathbishkot municipality and 7 people in Bheri Rural Municipality.

He said 53 people are recorded as inured from the same two local levels. The injured are being treated at Chaurjahari hospital, district hospital and Aathbiskot city hospital, according to him.