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Maoist Centre constructs over 3,000 temporary housing in Rukum Pashchim

Raju Lamichhane Dec 12, 2023

Rukum Pashchim : The CPN (Maoist Centre), the main ruling party, has constructed 3,168 temporary housing in earthquake-affected Rukum Pashchim.

Deputy General Secretary of the Maoist Centre Janardan Sharma informed that temporary housing has been constructed on six local levels.

Leader Sharma, also a former minister, shared at the Press Conference in Musikot on Tuesday that the Maoist Center deployed 3,000 official volunteers in Rukum Pashchim since November 28.

Since then, for the quake-affected families, 3,168 temporary housing have been constructed, said leader Sharma.

According to him, 1,305 in Aathbiskot Municipality, 854 in Sanibheri Rural Municipality, 607 in Chaurjahari Municipality, 24 in Musikot Municipality, 307 in Triveni Rural Municipality and 71 temporary housing in Banphikot Rural Municipality have been constructed.