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Balkrishna Khan paid 45 lakhs when he was releasedFake Bhutanese refugee case

Staff Reporter Dec 15, 2023

Fake Bhutanese refugee case

Kathmandu : Former Home Minister and Nepali Congress leader, Bal Krishna Khand, has been granted bail after providing a surety of 4.5 million rupees in connection with the fake Bhutanese refugee case and the money laundering case. Khand, who was apprehended on May 10, faced serious allegations linked to the counterfeit Bhutanese refugee issue.

Initially, the division bench comprising Judges Janak Pandey and Prakash Kharel at the Patan High Court held differing opinions on Khand’s bail plea. While Pandey proposed a bail of three million rupees, Kharel supported the Kathmandu District Court’s decision to deny bail.

However, in a recent hearing, Judge Krishna Ram Koirala consented to the three million rupees bail amount, initiating the release process for Khand. His release was contingent on submitting 1.5 million rupees to the Department of Money Laundering.

The Department approved his bail upon the deposit of the 1.5 million rupees. Simultaneously, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority granted him general bail.

Khand secured his release by providing three million rupees for the fake Bhutanese Refugee case and 1.5 million rupees for the money laundering case.