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Over 143,000 Nepali youths apply for employment opportunities in South Korea

Staff Reporter Dec 23, 2023

Kathmandu : A staggering number of 143,812 Nepali youths have eagerly submitted applications in response to South Korea’s announcement of 15,448 job openings in the manufacturing sector.

The demand for employment in South Korea continues to attract a significant influx of applicants.

After the announcement of job vacancies in the manufacturing sector, the enthusiastic response from Nepali youths highlights the appeal of South Korea as a sought-after destination for foreign employment opportunities. The applicants will now undergo a language test, and those selected will be granted the chance to work in various manufacturing sectors in South Korea.

South Korea remains a top choice for Nepali youths seeking international employment, and this recent surge in applications underscores the enduring popularity of the country among job seekers. The rigorous selection process, including the language test, aims to ensure that qualified individuals secure employment in South Korea’s dynamic manufacturing industry.