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Seminar Dives into Student Migration Policy Perspectives

Staff Reporter Dec 25, 2023

Kathmandu : Kathmandu University took Lead in addressing Student Migration trend by organizing a policy discourse seminar at Mahabir Palace on Sunday. The event held under the banner of Kathmandu University, convenes key stakeholders to discuss and strategize causes, effects, and potential policy reforms related to student migration.

Distinguished keynote speakers, Dr. Bishnu Raj Uprety, Pradip Bhusal, and Saurabh Lama, offered impactful insights at the seminar. Uprety highlighted diverse contexts in student migration, Bhusal stressed managing migration while retaining talent in Nepal, and Lama shared personal challenges and benefits of studying abroad. Their perspectives enriched the discourse on student migration. The event featured a panel of experts encompassing various perspectives – from academic to developmental and student viewpoints.

The seminar aimed to cultivate a shared understanding of the impact of student migration on Nepal’s education system and economy. The program also featured student presentations, providing a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and potential solutions associated with student migration.

Hosted by KUSOED, MPhil Development Studies, 2023 Batch, the seminar witnessed an attendance of over 40 participants, comprising experts and students alike, contributing to a rich and diverse discourse on this critical issue.