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1 Year of Prachanda Government : Prachanda Says, The government Has Done Many Achievements in One Year

Staff Reporter Dec 26, 2023

Kathmandu : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has announced an extension of health insurance coverage.

Addressing the nation on the completion of one year in office on Tuesday, he highlighted this commitment on behalf of the citizens.

“During my tenure as Prime Minister in 2074 BS, the National Health Insurance Act was enacted, but the insurance program did not progress as envisioned due to various reasons. Now, as part of my ongoing efforts, a law that guarantees citizens’ access to health as a constitutional right will be a top priority in my tenure,” stated Prime Minister Dahal.

He emphasized policy and procedural improvements for effective implementation of health insurance laws, enhancing the board’s capacity, robust monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms, expanding insurance coverage, ensuring everyone’s inclusion, and significantly improving the quality of hospital facilities and services for better management of the populace.

The Prime Minister assured an increase in the current health insurance coverage range and expressed commitment to integrate all ongoing free healthcare programs into the health insurance system in a consolidated manner.

Furthermore, he clarified that the health insurance would not only focus on safeguarding health but also integrate it with the overall development of the healthcare system, based on established health infrastructure development standards.

‘Prachanda’ has said the Nepal government is making preparations to sell the Nepali electricity to Bangladesh and China after India. said, that the sale of electricity has already started in India and soon will be sold in Bangladesh as well.

“The Nepal government has already started selling Nepali electricity in India, he said, “There is a trilateral agreement between Nepal, India and Bangladesh to export up to 40 megawatts of electricity to Bangladesh.”

He said that Nepal is a country with great potential even though voices of disappointment have been heard in the country, of late. He presented the recent electrification as an example.

He said, “Until my tenure as the Prime Minister for the second term, 18 hours of load shedding was considered natural, today the country has reached the point of exporting electricity. It has reached the stage of earning 15.27 billion by selling electricity in one year.”

He further said that as the Chilime Kerung transmission line is being built, the electricity will be exported to China later.

He claimed that he did not even imagine that this situation would happen in five years. The country will be prosperous when it will be able to sell the electricity worth Rs 500 billion.

Prachanda affirmed that India, Bangladesh, and China are eager collaborators in the nation’s electricity trade ambitions, underscoring the government’s intent to revolutionize the landscape of major hydropower initiatives.

Addressing concerns about resource allocation, Prime Minister Dahal clarified that the infrastructure tax designated for the Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project would be exclusively channeled into the same project, ensuring a robust financial foundation.

He further disclosed that the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has initiated an in-depth study of the 10,800 MW Karnali Chisapani Hydropower Project, slated for completion within three years.

Highlighting progress, Prime Minister Dahal reported the successful conclusion of the study for the 1,902 MW capacity Mugu Karnali hydropower project.

Additionally, he affirmed direct involvement in expediting the 900 MW capacity Arun 3rd hydropower project, currently in implementation, while announcing the imminent closure of investment raising efforts for the 1,063 MW capacity upper Arun project.

Anticipating a significant boost in energy production, Prime Minister Dahal also projected an addition of 564 megawatts from projects undergoing testing commissioning within the next two to three months.

Emphasizing private sector collaboration, he revealed the completion of power purchase agreements for a substantial 9,164 megawatts of hydropower projects, with approximately 2200 megawatts finalized in the current year alone.

Underlining the government’s commitment to irrigation projects, Prime Minister Dahal designated the 678-megawatt Sunkoshi third hydropower project as a priority, citing its potential to augment water supply to the Sunkoshi Marine Diversion and Kamala Diversion irrigation schemes.

He also affirmed his personal involvement in the regular monitoring of such pivotal projects from the Action Room in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prachanda has announced his commitment to end political appointments in universities during his national address commemorating the first anniversary of his government’s formation.

In his speech, Prime Minister Dahal stated that future appointments of Vice Chancellors would be conducted through open competitions, ensuring a merit-based selection process for university leadership.

Furthermore, he highlighted plans to overhaul the budget-making process, expressing the intention to present the budget in February to enhance its effectiveness.

The Prime Minister affirmed ongoing efforts to implement these changes, emphasizing the government’s dedication to fostering transparency and meritocracy in both university appointments and fiscal policies.