Wed, 19 June, 2024

NEB asks parliamentary committee to continue SEE

Staff Reporter Jan 11, 2024

Kathmandu : The National Examinations Board (NEB) has urged the Education, Health and Information Technology Committee of House of Representatives (HoR) to continue the existing system of Secondary Education Examination (SEE).

In his feedback to the School Education Bill 2080, the Board’s Chairman Dr Mahashram Sharma suggested that the existing SEE should be continued but keeping it under the scope of the province government.      

Sharma reasoned that taking examinations in grade 12 directly after grade eight was not appropriate as proposed in the bill adding that external examinations should be conducted in every two years. 

He argued that the ratio of students getting poor score could further rise in grade 12 if the examinations were not conducted for tenth graders, resulting in psychological impacts on those unsuccessful candidates.

Likewise, Director General of Curriculum Development Centre Baikuntha Aryal shared that efforts are ongoing to make the curriculum more contextual and added that capacity of the local levels and teachers should be upped for effective implementation of curriculums of local textbooks and mother tongues.   

On the occasion, the lawmakers called for including patriotic education and the part of skills, efficiency and employment should be considered. They also questioned that whether gaps in curriculum and examinations led the exodus of youths to the foreign countries. (RSS)