Wed, 19 June, 2024

Biratnagar High Court clears path for promotion in BPKIHS

Staff Reporter Feb 08, 2024

Dharan : The Biratnagar High Court has ruled in favor of promoting teachers and staff at the Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences.

The court’s decision comes after an earlier interim order had temporarily halted the promotion process, leading to discussions between the involved parties on Wednesday.

Following the discussions, the court concluded that issuing an interim order was unnecessary, thereby paving the legal way for the resumption of the stalled promotion process for teachers and employees.

For the past 25 days, teachers and employees have been engaged in a civil disobedience protest regarding the promotion issues at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences.

The deadlock persisted due to the lack of agreement between Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Prahlad Karki and the Teachers’ Welfare Society and the Employees’ Welfare Society.

The joint bench of Judges Bipul Neupane and Suryanath Prakash Adhikari, presiding over the case, stated that it would not be appropriate to disrupt the internal promotion actions regularly carried out in accordance with existing laws and procedures related to internal promotion, considering the balance of convenience.

The High Court’s order emphasizes that the desire for professional development through promotion is a valid expectation for permanently employed manpower.

The organization has been urged to manage its manpower effectively and pursue organizational goals by continuing regular internal promotion actions.

Additionally, the order cites Rule 12(3) of the Institution’s Regulations 2055, granting the right to promote teachers and staff to the selection committee formed under the Vice-Chancellor’s chairmanship.

Furthermore, the High Court issued an interim order preventing new recruitment or appointment without the involvement of the Public Service Commission, except for internal promotion and upgradation, pending the case’s decision.

The court underscored the importance of adhering to prevailing laws, regulations, accepted policies, standards, and general principles of the Public Service Commission.

The court also highlighted the issue of manpower management and recruitment within the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, noting 1,503 vacant positions out of a total of 3,339 posts.

Currently, 1,816 people are employed, with promotions for 766 employees, teachers, and doctors being halted.

In response to the High Court’s order, BP Institute Registrar Prof. Dr. Surya Prasad Sangraula expressed optimism that the long-stalled promotion process at the institute would now move forward.

He emphasized the need to refrain from making new permanent appointments unless involving the Public Service Commission in accordance with prevailing laws and standards.