Wed, 12 June, 2024

Madhes CM Yadav garners Vote of Confidence again

Staff Reporter Feb 18, 2024

Janakpurdham : Chief Minister of Madhes Province, Saroj Kumar Yadav, has secured a vote of confidence in the Provincial Assembly on Sunday.

With this, Chief Minister Yadav has obtained the vote of confidence for the third time.

Out of the 104 members present in the Provincial Assembly meeting, 69 lawmakers expressed their confidence in Chief Minister Yadav, while 35 voted against him.

The announcement of Chief Minister Yadav securing the vote of confidence was made by Ramchandra Mandal, the Speaker of the Madhes Province Assembly, who stated that as a result of the majority support in the proposal for the vote of confidence, Chief Minister Yadav has obtained the vote of confidence.

Yadav had to seek vote of confidence after a coalition party, Janamat Party, withdrew its support to the province government on January 23.

Yadav, a Janata Samajbadi Party lawmaker, was appointed as the Chief Minister of Madhes Province on January 12, 2023.