Sat, 15 June, 2024

This is how Sindure Jatra was celebrated in Bhaktapur (Photo Feature)

Staff Reporter Apr 14, 2024

Kathmandu : The Sindoor Jatra festival was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in Madhyapur Thimi on Sunday.

The major attraction of Thimi, Sindoor festival starts on the eve of New Year and continues for four days which is celebrated at Thimi, Bode and Nagadesh in the Bhaktapur district.

Several palanquins are carried with their musical bands and processions. During the procession, red vermillion (a blood-red powder) and other colours are thrown at each other by the participants of the procession, which is known as Sindoor Jatra.

Among the various processions celebrated during the Bisket Jatra, Sindoor Jatra stands out, featuring 32 chariots. During the procession, devotees carry the main deity on a chariot and spread vermilion powder along with playing traditional musical instrument Dhime Baja.

As the procession passes through every square, crossroad, houses, and temples, it is customary to smear sindoor on windows, doors, and roofs, and to welcome the procession with showering of flowers.