Wed, 19 June, 2024

Madhes Chief Minister secures vote of confidence amid opposition parties’ boycott

Staff Reporter Apr 16, 2024

Janampur : Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav of Madhes secured a vote of confidence from the provincial assembly on Tuesday evening, despite the boycott by the main opposition parties Nepali Congress (NC), Janamat Party, and Loktantrik Samajbadi Party (LSP).

Speaker Ramchandra Mandal presided over the session despite the absence of the main opposition parties and declared that Chief Minister Yadav had successfully obtained the vote of confidence.

During the vote, Speaker Mandal announced 61 votes in favor and none against the confidence motion proposed by Chief Minister Yadav.

Out of the total 107 lawmakers, 61 were present in the assembly, according to Mandal. The assembly meetings faced disruption twice due to obstruction by Janamat Party and Nepali Congress.

Despite efforts to reach a resolution after the adjournments, Speaker Ramchandra Mandal convened a third meeting.

During this meeting, discussions were underway regarding Chief Minister Yadav’s confidence vote proposal when lawmakers from Janamat Party and Nepali Congress staged a walkout in protest.

Following their departure, LSP demanded the adjournment of the meeting. However, Speaker Mandal refused to adjourn, prompting LSP lawmakers to also leave the assembly hall.

Janamat Party had previously called for the formation of a parliamentary investigation committee to probe the attack on the minister during the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the Madhes Agriculture University in Rajbiraj.

Janamat’s demand was supported by NC and LSP.