Sat, 15 June, 2024

Pilgrims to Pathibhara enthralled by watching blooming rhododendrons


Taplejung : Currently, the pilgrims to the famous Pathibhara  Temple in Taplejung are enthralled by the mesmerising view of blooming rhododendron flowers on way to the shrine. 

The flowers bloom to their fullest during the Nepali month of Chaitra and Baisakh (April). People travelling through the area are captivated by the blooming flowers. The Pathibhara area, situated at an altitude of 3,794 metres above sea level, is adorned with dense forests filled with various species of blooming rhododendron flowers. There is a notable presence of pilgrims in the area as the season for visiting Pathibhara coincides with the blooming season. 

According to the Pathibhara Development Committee, thousands of devotees are visiting the site daily to witness the blooming flowers. It informed that 7,973 individuals visited Pathibhara on Tuesday and 2,864 visited on Wednesday. 

Prajin Hangbang, executive director of the committee, said that pilgrims from various districts of Nepal, including the Tarai, hilly, and Himalayan regions, as well as from Sikkim, Darjeeling, West Bengal and Assam of India have been visiting Pathibhara. 

He said that during the rhododendron blooming season, pilgrims from across the country and abroad were thrilled to witness the mesmerising scenery of blooming rhododendron flowers up close. The trail leading to the Pathibhara Temple is adorned with blooming rhododendron flowers on both sides. Additionally, not just one species, but many species of rhododendron bloom in the area, he added.

The holy pilgrimage site of Pathibhara and the enchanting view of the rhododendron-covered hills make the travel memorable.  Dayaram Lamichhane, 75, a resident of Taplejung district, said that it was one of the most beautiful sites he has ever seen. He further added that the scene was mesmerising and it had captivated his heart. 

Like Lamichhane, many pilgrims visit Pathibhara to pay homage and perform rituals.