Sat, 15 June, 2024

Hikmat Karki lays claim to Koshi Chief Minister with backing of 52 MPs

Staff Reporter May 09, 2024

Biratnagar : CPN (UML) Koshi Province Parliamentary Party leader Hikmat Karki has staked a claim for the post of Chief Minister in Koshi Province.

The former Chief Minister Karki has laid the claim to the post yet again with the backing of 39 members of parliament (MPs) from UML and 13 from Maoist Center a while ago.

Province Chief Parshuram Khapung on Wednesday evening called on the political parties to stake a claim for the formation of a new government in accordance with Article 168 (5) of the Constitution of Nepal.

In the 93-member Koshi Province Assembly, there are 52 lawmakers including 39 from UML and 13 from Maoist Center.

Meanwhile, Kedar Karki who is relieved of his post as the Chief Minister is filing a writ petition at the Supreme Court  today claiming that Province Chief’s call for the formation of a new government is unconstitutional.

On October 14, 2023, lawmaker of Nepali Congress Kedar Karki became the Chief Minister of Koshi Province with the support of CPN (UML). Karki also manged to receive the vote of confidence from CPN (Maoist Center), eventually.

On April 8, 52 lawmakers withdrew their support to Chief Minister Karki following the formation of the new ruling alliance including UML in the center on March 4.