Sat, 15 June, 2024

NEPSE rises in final 2 minutes before budget day, trading nears 4 billion

Staff Reporter May 27, 2024

Kathmandu : The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) saw an increase in the final two minutes of trading, bringing the total trading volume close to Rs 4 billion on Monday, the day before the announcement of budget.

NEPSE increased by 2.93 points to close at 2113.17 points.

Along with the rise in NEPSE, the trading volume reached approximately Rs 3.89 billion, with 9,330,295 shares traded across 58,483 transactions.

Out of the 317 companies whose shares were traded today, the share prices of 149 companies increased, while 90 companies saw a decrease in their share prices. The share prices of 8 companies remained stable.

The float index rose by 0.07 points.

However, the sensitive index decreased by 0.30 points, and the sensitive float index decreased by 0.08 points.

The production sector saw a significant rise, with its sub-index increasing by 50.72 points.

Out of the 13 sectoral indices, share prices increased for 10 sectors and decreased for 3 sectors.

Shares of Muktinath Agricultural Company, Nepal Warehousing Company, and Kalinchowk Darshan Company hit the positive circuit limit with a 10% increase.

Conversely, shares of Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company hit the negative circuit limit with a 10% decrease.