Sat, 15 June, 2024

KMG Chairman Kailash Sirohiya released

Staff Reporter May 29, 2024

Kathmandu : Lalitpur Police released Kailash Sirohiya, Chairman of Kantipur Media Group, with the stipulation that he must appear before the police when required.

This release followed authorization from the Dhanusha District Attorney’s Office and a directive from the Dhanusha District Police Office.

Raman Karna, Sirohiya’s lawyer, confirmed that the release was sanctioned by the Dhanusha District Attorney’s Office.

“He was released under the condition that he would appear before the police when summoned, based on the attorney office’s decision that further detention was unnecessary,” Karna stated.

Sudeep Dangal, a joint attorney at the Dhanusha District Attorney Office, mentioned that the decision to release Sirohiya was made after evaluating the evidence and facts gathered during the investigation.

Sirohiya was arrested on May 21 following a complaint for allegedly forging citizenship certificate.

Sirohiya was initially remanded to custody for three days by the Dhanusha District Court, with two subsequent three-day extensions.

After experiencing heart-related issues on May 25, Sirohiya was admitted to Kavya Hospital in Janakpur and later transferred to Nepal Mediciti Hospital in Lalitpur on Tuesday.