Sat, 15 June, 2024

Nepal Eco Panel Unveils Styrofoam Concrete Innovation

Staff Reporter May 31, 2024

Kathmandu : Nepal Eco Panel Pioneers Styrofoam-Based Lightweight Concrete for Flooring In a significant advancement for the construction industry, Nepal Eco Panel has successfully developed a lightweight concrete for flooring made from a mixture of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, sand, and cement.

This innovative material promises to revolutionize building practices with its enhanced properties and sustainability.

Er. Krishna Bhakta Duwal, CEO of Nepal Eco Panel , announced that the breakthrough product utilizes a special Homogenizing Agent, exclusive to Nepal Eco Panel. “The Homogenizing Agent is pivotal in our formula, ensuring that the EPS, sand, and cement blend uniformly. This homogeneity is crucial for the performance and durability of the lightweight concrete,” said Duwal.

The incorporation of EPS foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, significantly reduces the weight of the concrete while maintaining its strength and integrity. This makes it an ideal solution for high-rise buildings and structures where reducing load is essential.

Additionally, the use of EPS in concrete also presents an environmentally friendly way to repurpose waste materials, addressing a critical issue in waste management. Nepal Eco Panel, the company behind this innovation, is set to begin large-scale production of the lightweight concrete, with plans to supply it to various construction projects across the country.

The introduction of this material is expected to lead to more efficient construction processes, cost savings, and improved building performance. This development marks a milestone for Nepal’s construction sector, showcasing the nation’s ability to produce cutting-edge materials and contribute to global advancements in sustainable building technologies.