Thu, 18 July, 2024

10-point agreement reached between locals and Kawasoti municipality

Staff Reporter Jun 14, 2024

Nawalpur : A 10-point agreement, including providing Rs 50,0,000 has been reached between locals, and representatives from the municipality, which had become tense after the death of three women working while digging a trench for the municipality. 

According to the agreement between the two parties, installing an inscription in honor of the deceased at the scene, guaranteeing one house and a job for the family of the deceased, managing education to the children of the deceased up to grade 12 along with education materials. Health insurance to the family, opening a fixed deposit in the name of the deceased’s children and providing Rs 500,000 as relief, have been made. 

They further agreed to immediately pay Rs 50,000 in cash per family to the family of the three deceased for performing final rites, safe accommodation to be arranged based on the financial situation of the deceased and their family and the municipality to bear the cost of handling the three deceased bodies. 

Deputy Chair of Kawasoti Municipality Phul Kumari Thanet, ward-6 chair Yam Bahadur Thapa, ward-5 chair Niraj Kumar Pun, ward-2 chair Shiv Prasad Pandey and ward-11 chair Sarad Prasad Adhikari, signed on behalf of the municipality. The consent form has been signed by the family and social figures of the three deceased. 

Workers, 21-year-old Tanmaya Gahamagar and 71-year-old Soti Ran, and 23-year-old Chameli Darlami Magar of Kawasoti Municipality-7 died on Thursday. 

The victim side became more aggressive when they went for a discussion but the lack of presence of the mayor further escalated the situation.

According to the District Police Office, Nawalpur, Deputy Superintendent of Police Bed Bahadur Poudel, more than 30 rounds of tear gas have been fired to disperse the crowd.

He said, “We were compelled to use tear gas following the attack and injury on four officers.” 

Journalist Kalpana Kunwar and local Sanjay Shrestha got injured from the attack of demonstrators. The discussion is underway between the victim’s side, corned authorities and the municipality. 

The demonstrators have made a demand for compensation to the victim’s family, action against the culprit, and job opportunities for the deceased family.