Thu, 18 July, 2024

Lawmakers express concern over deteriorating community schools education

Staff Reporter Jul 01, 2024

Kathmandu : Lawmakers speaking in the ‘special hour’ of the meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today called, through the Speaker, attention of the government to the urgent need of improving the quality of education in the community schools. 

Bidya Bhattarai blamed the country’s education system, teaching and learning environment and the structural shortcomings for the poor results of the community schools in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) this year.

Stating that the quality of education in the community schools is deteriorating, she identified the lack of adequate teacher quotas, physical infrastructures and the required resources for the overall worsening education quality in schools. Lawmaker Bhattarai stressed on making the education competitive, technology friendly and production-oriented.

Lawmaker Dr Chandrakanta Bhandari said that more than half the students appearing in the SEE have failed in the exams and urged the government to rekindle hope in them by providing skill-oriented training and job incentive. He called on the government to pay special attention to improving the quality of the school and university education. 

Holding the planners and development experts also responsible for the burgeoning corruption and irregularities in the country, he drew the government’s attention, through the Speaker, for bringing the corrupt to justice. Lawmaker Bhandari also underlined the need of taking legal action against those imposing closure and strike in the essential services as education, health and the like.

Shiva Nepali called attention of all the stakeholders on the need of ensuring quality education by putting to an end the irregularities in the education sector. Claiming that the standard of education in the university has fallen due to the over-politicization, he called for banishing this scourge and adopting quality and practical education in the university.  

Gyan Bahadur Shahi argued that the elected lawmakers and people’s representatives should be given a free rein for development. He expressed his objection, citing obstruction were created in the effective implementation of the budget in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.   

Ranju Kumari Jha said incidents as flooding, landslide and inundation were increasing in various places of the country due to the monsoon rains. She drew the government’s attention, through the Speaker, to take prompt measures to reduce the risk of disasters and to make the disaster management works efficient and effective. She also demanded that the government should make the distribution of the National Identity Card smooth and less cumbersome. 

Abdul Khan said the life of the general public has become vulnerable due to the negligence on the part of the contractors in construction of bridges and culverts in rivers at various places of the country. People are compelled to take boats to cross rivers even during the flooding and landslide, increasing the risk of losing life.

Rekha Yadav objected to the sharing of ministerial posts among the parties in the provincial government even by splitting the ministry. She called for a halt to such irresponsible acts in view of the dire economic situation in the country. Yadav called attention of the government, through the Speaker, to brief the parliament about the progress of work in terms of conservation of the Chure region.

Prabhu Sah called on the government to make the works of the Department of Foreign Employment prompt and effective. 

Prem Suwal drew the government’s attention, through the Speaker, to address the demands of the victims of the cooperatives fraud, to prevent the dengue disease and to curb the smuggling of gold. He also called for improving the quality of education at community schools considering the poor SEE results of the students from these schools.